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Polygraph or lie detector training in South Africa has found new importance with the growth of polygraph business in the southern hemisphere.

A growing number of private companies, as well as public institutions are using polygraph tests to improve their hiring process or monitor their employees.

This is one of the reasons why the search for polygraph instruments, or polygraph machines has been growing. However, the use of these instruments can only be effective with the right skills and therefore training.

Our partner experts from B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE sometimes give guest lectures in South African training institutions.

Polygraph instrument and training in South Africa

A growing number of South African entrepreneurs are looking into entering in the polygraph business. Normally, these business men and women look to buy a polygraph instrument to offer this service. However, very rapidly they find out that this instrument can only be effectively used when the professional has the right skills.

These skills cannot be garnered with online tutorials or courses. Forensic psychophysiology is not only the application of a scientific methodology, it is also an art.

This implies that the future polygraph examiner or forensic psychophysiologist needs to learn that craft from experienced mentors.

These trainers will transmit these skills through real world cases and train the applicants in the understanding of the human deception process.

South Africa has been a pioneer in the use of polygraph in the continent and has therefore an important body of knowledge.

Why study to become a polygraph examiner?

Polygraph students trainig

Polygraph training in South Africa? There are different reasons why people want to become polygraph examiners and these might differ from person to person.

Most of the people that join the profession is because they know somebody who is already working in the field. Through these professionals, aspiring candidates can get first hand knowledge of the profession and learn about its perks and disadvantages.

One of the reason why many people decide to join, is because of the passion for people. It is a profession where you are in constant contact with people from all kinds of characters and backgrounds.

Others like the freedom this trade can give them. They can become their own boss and organize their work schedule as they please.

No matter what the reason might be to want to become a polygraph examiner, this profession needs certain basic skills that need a basic training to ensure a successful career.

Price of a polygraph instrument, machine in South Africa

Data acquisition system with connectors

One of the main entrance barriers to join this profession is the price of the material needed. That is why the price of the polygraph instrument is an important decision when entering this line of work.

P.O.L.A.R Polygraph is definitely the best option on the market in South Africa. Not only do we have the best price, great support and service but also the most features.

It is important to us that we can be as close to our final users as possible and that we can give them the best support. That is why we have a local distributor that can help the polygraph examiner solve whatever issue he or she might have.

To obtain the price, cost of our polygraph instrument, machine in South Africa, please contact our local distributor or our sales team.

Cost of lie detector training in South Africa

There are different options to train to become a lie detector specialist or a polygraph examiner in South Africa.

There are local training institutions and also foreign institutions that visit South Africa to train students locally.

The cost varies from institution to institution and is also influenced by the costs that these two possibilities have to endure. Normally, the local training institutions will offer a better price due to the lower logistics costs that foreign institutions have to endure when traveling.

Either way, it is up to the future polygraph examiner to do his or her own research about the different programs and decide which suits him or her best.

The content of the study, the curriculum, is similar among institutions. It is sometimes a matter of price or when the course is held that will make a difference in choice.

Depending on the market situations there can be differences between 2,000 to 4,000 USD in cost difference between the institutions. Do your own due diligence when entering this profession.

How to start a polygraph business career

A polygraph business like any business has specific intricacies. One needs to do the proper research before investing in becoming a polygraph examiner.

Certain aspects one might want to look into:

  • What market do I want to service? Business, Private, Law enforcement, public entities?
  • What is the competition in my geographical area?
  • How will I reach my clients (marketing)
  • What is the projected Return on Investment
  • But the most important question you should answer is: Do I have the right character or mind set to exercise this profession?

If you think that this might be the right profession for you, we want to welcome you and hope you explore the possibility of entering with the right foot by acquiring the P.O.L.A.R. Polygraph instrument. Do not hesitate to contact our distributor.

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