Polygraph Forensic Psychophysiology

Training for professional detection of deception

Polygraph forensic psychophysiology. The course is a complete course for students that want to use the polygraph instrument for detection of deception.

Polygraph forensic pscychophysiology training

This is a basic course offered by B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE professionals that will prepare the student for the application of polygraph exams for the detection of deception.

Polygraph forensic psychophysiology program

This 8 week course prepares the student in the different areas of professional polygraphy. The course is composed of the following modules.

CourseCourse TitleHours
Module 1History and Evolution of Detection of Deception8
Module 2Polygraph glossary and terms24
Module 3Ethics, Standards of Practice8
Module 4Psychophysiology8
Module 5Polygraph test Steps8
Module 6Pre-Test Interview (Behavioral analysis, Investigative interview)32
Module 7Test Question Construction32
Module 8Polygraph Techniques40
Module 9Mechanics of Instrument Operation24
Module 10Test Data Analysis24
Module 11Post-Test Interview16
Module 12Law & Human Rights8
Module 13Scientific Testing8
Module 14Information and Results Reporting16
Module 15Forensic methodology24
Module 16Practical Application of Polygraph / Mock Examinations24

Student review and exams16


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