Instrument & Accessories

The P.O.L.A.R. Polygraph Instrument is composed of different accessories which can be seen below.

The complete polygraph kit is composed of a DAS (Data acquisition system) and its accessories. All these sensors and processing unit transmit the information in a digital format to a computer so that it can be registered and interpreted.

A professional expert can then analyze the information and interpret the psychophysiological data obtained.

The polygraph instrument

The polygraph or the Data Acquisition System (DAS) is the heart, brain of the polygraph. This device acquires the data from the different accessories, processes it and transmits it to the computer unit.

Our Model P2 DAS registers 7 Channels. These Channels are the connectors to the different sensors that are meant to obtain biofeedback from the examinee. Below you can see the different connectors and the activity sensors attached to them.

Data acquisition system with connectors

TRM = Movement sensor
PN1 = Abdominal Pneumograph
PN2 = Thoracic Pneumograph
CUF = Sphygmomanometer
EDA = Electro Dermal Activity (Galvanometer)
PPG = PhotoPlethysmograph

The Model P2 DAS has a warranty of 24 months.

Polygraph accessories, components

For a collection of physiological activity different components are attached, connected to the examinee.

Different accessories will register the psychophysiological activity of the examinee during stimuli presentation.

These accessories are:

  • Movement sensor
  • Abdominal Pneumograph
  • Thoracic Pneumograph
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Electro Dermal Activity (Galvanometer)
  • PhotoPlethysmograph

Below you can see the different individual sensors:

  • Pneumograph
  • Cardiocuff for polygraph instrument
  • Movement sensor

In the gallery below the different sensors attached:

  • PPG connected to hand
  • Pneumographs connected
  • Sphygmomanometer connected
  • Galvanometer connected

The movement sensor monitors voluntary and involuntary movements of the examinee during physiological data collection.

The abdominal and thoracic pneumographs register the respiratory activity of the examinee.

The sphygmomanometer consisting of a blood pressure cuff and a manometer register cardiovascular activity.

The galvanometer registers the electro-dermal activity, sweat.

The photoplethysmograph measures changes in volume. Photoplethysmograph (PPG) is a method of blood flow registration using infrared radiation source and photoresistor. Photoresistor changes resistance depending on the amount of absorbed light. The more the blood flow is, the less light is absorbed in body tissues, thus more light comes to photoresistor. Photoplethysmograph allows to measure the volumetric blood pulse caused by periodic changes in the volume of blood with each heart beat, heart rate, heart rate variability.

All the accessories have a 12 months period warranty.

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