Revolutionize Polygraph Examination with B.E.A.R. Polysoft Software

B.E.A.R. Polysoft polygraph software

Software for polygraph examinations demand precision and efficiency, and B.E.A.R. Polysoft is at the forefront of managing the intricate data obtained through the Data Acquisition System (DAS). Developed in collaboration with B.E.A.R. FORENSICS professionals, B.E.A.R. Polysoft is specifically designed to cater to the needs of polygraph examiners, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

Understanding B.E.A.R. Polysoft Software

B.E.A.R. Polysoft is a dynamic software solution continuously evolving to meet the evolving demands of polygraph examination. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it indispensable for polygraph examiners seeking to streamline their workflow and enhance their analysis capabilities.

Key Features of B.E.A.R. Polysoft

Subject and Question Management:
Efficiently manage subjects and questions through the intuitive main navigation window, ensuring seamless organization and preparation for polygraph examinations.

Navigator B.E.A.R. Polysoft

Polygrams Collection:
Capture psychophysiological data from examinees with precision and accuracy, laying the foundation for comprehensive analysis and interpretation.

Polygrams Management:
Utilize advanced features within B.E.A.R. Polysoft to enhance and interpret collected data effectively. From chart analysis to chart management, B.E.A.R. Polysoft empowers examiners to extract valuable insights with scientific precision.

Chart collection image

Other Software Capabilities:
B.E.A.R. Polysoft goes beyond basic functionalities, offering a range of capabilities such as data export, import, and customizable printouts. Additionally, the software provides extensive customization options in the settings section, allowing examiners to tailor chart collection preferences according to their specific requirements.

Chart analysis
Chart management

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Tailored Solutions for Polygraph Examiners

B.E.A.R. Polysoft is not just a software solution; it’s a tailored tool designed to meet the unique needs of polygraph examiners. With customizable settings for chart display, print settings, artefacts management, and more, B.E.A.R. Polysoft ensures a personalized and efficient examination process.

Setttings of polygraph

Experience the Difference with B.E.A.R. Polysoft

Unlock the full potential of your polygraph examinations with B.E.A.R. Polysoft. From data collection to analysis, our software provides the tools and support needed to elevate your practice and achieve accurate results with confidence.

For a full overview of the software capabilities please visit the following page.

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